Creating and Editing Employee Shifts

This article will outline how to create, edit and delete employee shifts.

Creating a shift

You can create a shift for an employee by following these steps:

  1. From within the rostering screen, find the employee you want to create the shift for and then click on the shift panel that corresponds with the day you want to create the shift for:


  2. Clicking on a shift panel will show the shift editor to the right of the screen:


    From the shift editor you can select the following details for the shift:
  • Start time
  • End time
  • Shift breaks (optional)
  • Location
  • Employee (optional)
  • Qualifications (optional. Will only show if qualifications have been setup for the business)
  • Work Type (optional. Will only show if work types have been setup for the business)
  • Classification (optional. Will only show if the employee is attached to an employee agreement which allows selection of higher classification)
  • Notes (optional)
  • Publish - if you tick the "publish" option, a notification will be sent to the employee(s) associated with the shift once the shift is saved.

    Note: you can create a shift for multiple employees by selecting more than one employee in the "employee" selector from the shift edit panel. When you save the shift, a new shift will be created for each of the selected employees:


  • Once you have entered the details for a shift, click 'Save' and the shift will be saved to the shift grid.

Editing a shift

You can edit a shift by following the steps outlined below

  1. To edit a shift, simply click on any existing shift in the roster grid
  2. This will show the shift editor where you can make any changes to the shift

Note: you can only edit shifts that are "unpublished". You cannot edit published shifts

Moving shifts

You can quickly move shifts by clicking and dragging them to another shift tile. If you move the shift to another day, the date of the shift will be automatically updated. If you move the shift to another employee, the employee assigned to that shift will be updated automatically.

Adjusting start and end times in day view

You can quickly adjust the start or end of a shift in day view by clicking and dragging the start or end of a shift. As soon as you drag the shift to it's new start or end time, the new start or end time for that shift will be automatically updated.

Helpful Hint

A useful trick to copy individual shifts quickly is to hold the Shift key on your keyboard, click an existing shift, either published or unpublished, and then drag the field to the relevant day. The platform will copy the shift as unpublished.

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