Leave - Entering Leave Taken

You are able to add leave taken either during the pay run or via the Leave requests.

Entering leave via a pay run

To enter leave taken during the pay run you need to:

  1. Click on the employee for whom it applies, this will open the employee's pay run details.
  2. Click on the 'Actions' tab in the bottom right hand corner then choose the 'Take leave' option
  3. When you click the 'Take leave' button, a new line will show under the 'Leave taken' heading.
  4. You will then need to enter:
    • Leave Category (required)
    • Notes
    • weeks Taken (required)


Note: Against each leave option (next to the 'notes' field, the system, will display how many weeks of the chosen leave the employee has available. If you enter more time than the employee is entitled to, a warning will display that says "This employee has taken more leave than they have accrued".  The system will allow the employee to go into a negative leave balance.


Entering leave via leave requests

Any submitted leave requests will be available to apply in the appropriate pay run/s...This article here will show you how to create a leave request on behalf of an employee.

In order to apply a leave request to a pay run, you need to click on the 'Leave requests' tab as shown below:



This view will show you the names of employees who have a leave request, as well as the type of leave they have requested, and the period involved. The units show the leave request in weeks or days depending on the type of leave and how it has been configured at the business level. 

In order to apply the leave to the pay run, it's just a matter of hovering over the leave request and selecting 'apply'. You'll then see a confirmation of the dates the leave request is for, and you'll be able to modify the amount of leave that you want to apply to the pay run. For example, if the leave period spans multiple pay periods, you may want to apply part of it in the current pay run, and the rest in the subsequent pay run/s.

If a leave request still has a remaining balance to be applied, it will continue to show in subsequent pay runs. If for some reason you don't want to apply the rest of the leave, you can stop it from showing by selecting the 'mark as manually applied' option when hovering over the leave request. 



Once you apply the leave, you'll be able to view the leave taken within each employee pay run details, and the notes field will contain details of the leave request:


To find out more about how leave requests, when applied, affect the employee's earnings check out this article Leave Categories (how leave behaves in the pay run). We also have a video tutorial available on this topic VIDEO: Best practice for setting up leave.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know via support@nzpayroll.co.nz

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