Bureau Dashboard - Bulk Updates

The purpose of the bulk actions functionality is to be able to apply actions to multiple / all businesses within a bureau in order to create efficiencies through reducing the amount of steps it takes to apply a specific action across multiple businesses. These include the same updates / changes that you would make to an individual client file, applied in bulk to multiple businesses;

You are able to access this functionality via the Bureau admin > Bulk actions page.

NB: This article is specifically about bulk updates to actions that are not pay run related. To view information relating to bulk pay run activities, please see here.

Creating a bulk action

From the Bureau admin > Bulk actions page, click the 'Bulk update' button on the right hand side. The following fields can then be configured:

  • Brand: If you have access to more than one brand, you'll be able to make a selection via the drop down;
  • Use business settings from: From the drop down you'll be able to choose any business that exists within the selected brand;
  • Settings to copy: These include (will be added to in the future):
    • Advanced settings
    • Employee portal settings
    • HMRC settings (UK)
    • Manage users
    • Pay slip
    • Report packs
  • Preview data: This option allows you to view the current data that exists for the selected settings. By default, all options within the settings will be marked to be copied, however if you only want to copy across certain settings and not others, you can untick (and click 'Save') against those that you don't wish to copy;
  • Available to all businesses: Ticking this box will apply the updates to all businesses that you have access to;
  • Apply updates to these businesses: If you don't tick the above 'Available to all businesses' box, you can manually select 1 or multiple businesses that you would like to apply the updates to. 


You can click 'Bulk update' once the settings have been configured. You'll then see the bulk actions overview:


From here, you're able to see a list of the following:

  • Bulk action type: All the bulk updates and bulk activities;
  • Bureau/Brands: Within which bureau/subsidiary it was performed;
  • Activities: Includes each business and separate activity that was performed as part of the bulk update;
  • Created: The date the update was performed;
  • Created by: Which user performed the update;
  • Status: Status of the bulk action (in progress, error or completed).

Should a bulk action fail, you are able to click into the 'Activity' column which will bring up a context column. You can then hover over the error to view more information about the cause, including the affected business:


If you want to go to the business payroll file to manually investigate where the issue might have happened, you can do this by clicking the arrow, or  re-try the bulk action for that specific business by going back to the bulk actions overview and clicking the below icon:


Should the issue persist and you are not able to manually find the problem, you will have to escalate the issue to the support team.

User restrictions

Both Bureau managers and payroll processors have the ability to apply bulk actions to the businesses that they have been given access. This access is given via the process of assigning business groups or individual businesses. Should a payroll processor be required to make updates to businesses that they do not have access to, it falls within the bureau managers responsibility to grant access to these clients. This article provides more information on user access to the bureau dashboard.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know via support@nzpayroll.co.nz

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