Reporting Access

A full access user is able to grant reporting access to a 'restricted' user (such as an employee manager).

When a user has reporting access, they will be able to access reporting functions in the payroll account but won't be able to access any other functions. Additionally, if the restricted user also has either 'employee group' and/or 'location' access you can restrict the reports so they will honour the restrictions in place for the employee group and/or location.

You can choose to give a user access to all reports, or just specific reports.

Configuring reporting access

To give a user reporting access, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Payroll settings > Manage users page
  2. Click the 'Add' button to add a new user:


  3. Enter the email address and name of the user you want to give access to and select 'Restricted access' from the 'Access level' options before clicking on the reporting tab:


  4. The following options are available in regards to the report access that you can give to the user ('no reports' is set by default): 
  • All reports: The user will have access to all reports but may still have restrictions applied based on employee group/location settings if applicable. The 'Configuring Restricted Reporting' section below explains further;
  • Report packs: see this article for more information on report packs
  • The following reports: By selecting this option you are able to select from a list of specific reports that you would like to give the user access to. These reports can be restricted based on employee group/location access. 

Configuring Restricted Reporting

Once you have granted restricted access to a user, and given them access to either employee group/location and reporting you can then configure the restrictions for reporting.  

From the Reporting tab within their settings and tick/don't tick the ‘No restriction on reporting data’ box. This will either restrict or not restrict reporting data based on the employee or location settings applied:  


The ‘No restriction on reporting data’ option will only appear if the user also has either employee group and/or location access. 


  • For any new restricted access users you set up, this option will be unticked by default meaning the reports will be restricted for this user.
  • For existing restricted access users that already have reporting access, this option will be ticked so as not to interrupt the access these users currently have to the reports. Full access users can change this setting at any time, as appropriate.
  • When a user generates a report only the employees they have access to (according to their employee group or location access) will populate in the reports.

Relevant Restrictions in the Reports

The restrictions that will apply to the reports for a restricted access user will be based on their employee groups and/or location access permissions.

If an employee manager has access to an employee group, for example ‘Warehouse’:


Any reports the employee manager then generates will only show the detail for the employees included in this group.

Exceptions to the Restrictions

A few reports will not apply the data restrictions. These are:

  • Journal Report;
  • Payment File Report; 
  • Employee Satisfaction Report;
  • Employer Deductions (IR345);
  • Payday Filing Report;
  • KiwiSaver Employment Details (KED); and
  • Employee Details (IRD related).

 When the user logs in, they will be taken to the reporting home page and will be able to run the reports they have access to.

For an overview on managing users and links to other related articles, please see here

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