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Effective from 31 May 2021, the KiwiSaver employment details report is no longer required and has been removed. This is because the KiwiSaver scenarios are covered in the Payday filing - Employment information file as part of Payday filing version 2 updates. 


N.B. Effective from 26 May 2020, employers no longer need to upload the KiwiSaver Employment Details Report with the IRD. This is because the Employee Details now incorporate employee KiwiSaver details. 


KiwiSaver Employment Details (KED) reporting allows you to electronically notify the Inland Revenue (IR) of employees who have enrolled in or opted out of KiwiSaver. The KiwiSaver information should be reported fourteen (14) days after the employee commences work. For more information, please refer to the IRD website.

Please note, if you are reporting as part of payday filing to the IRD, then the KED report does not need to be manually uploaded to your MyIR portal as the employee's KiwiSaver details are reported within the payday filing reporting. 

However if you wish to report the KED to send to the IRD the most up to date employee KiwiSaver details prior to your payday filing submission then you still can. 

To start using the KED reporting, you must complete the business IRD Settings.

Once you have completed and saved your IRD Settings, the IRD Reporting section will become available for you to start reporting your KED obligations.  

To generate the KED report, go to Reports > IRD Reporting:

Enter 'From Date' and 'To Date' of the KiwiSaver updates. Alternatively, you can search fort he employee by typing in the 'Add Employee' field. Then click on the 'Run Report' button. 

The employees' KiwiSaver details will appear on the screen for your review. 

You can remove any employee from reporting by hovering over the last column of that employee row for the red 'x' to appear and then click on the red 'x'. 

Ensure that the KED details displayed on the screen are correct. Clicking on the 'CSV' button will generate the Employment Information report. 

Upon clicking on the 'CSV' button, the following 'Confirm' message will appear, clicking on the 'OK' button will confirm that you will upload the report to the IR. 

If you are not going to upload the report to the IR as yet, then please click on the 'Cancel' button. You can go back to the KED reporting page when you are ready to upload the report to the IR.

Once you have clicked on 'OK', the KED report will generate in CSV format for upload to IRD. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: when uploading your employment information report to myIR, please make sure you are uploading the original downloaded file. DO NOT open and save the report to your own drive as this will cause file formatting issues and as a result will return errors within the IRD portal submission. 

For more information on how to upload the IRD reports, please refer to instructions on the IRD website.


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