Locations - Splitting Costs / Hours Across Multiple Locations

On occasions you may have to allocate your employees costs across multiple locations.  Before you do this you will have to ensure that you have the locations set up within your company's profile.

You will also need to ensure that employee/s working at multiple locations have the relevant locations allocated to their profile's within the system. This will ensure they have those locations available to have hours/costs credited against them. 

There are three ways to split costs across multiple locations.  Firstly, they can be entered through the time sheets, secondly by manually allocating earnings to a location within a pay run and thirdly by adding additional earnings lines within the employee file.

Using Time Sheets 

There are multiple ways that timesheets can be entered, but the common factor is that the 'location' must be entered if the hours/costs are to be allocated as desired. The below is an example of timesheets being entered by a manager on behalf of an employee, however employees can also submit timesheets via the following ways:

  1. WorkZone
  2. Employee Portal
  3. Clock Me In

The hours allocated to the location/s will be reflected within the Pay Run

Manually Allocating Earnings to a location within a Pay Run

You can manually allocate a location to an employee's earnings within a pay run. If you need to, you can add an additional earnings line via the Actions > Add earnings option.

Then, against the required earnings line select the correct pay category and then select the location that you want the employees hours to be allocated against:


Enter the correct hours according to the amount of time worked at the selected location, and click 'save' once the details are correct. 


The hours allocated to the location/s will be reflected within the pay run, and you can repeat this process multiple times to add additional hours at different locations. 

Adding additional Earnings lines within the employee file

  1. By adding additional earnings lines within the employee file you will permanently create a line with every future pay run.  These additional lines can be deleted if not required. You can also add more lines if required.

    1. Click on 'Add'.
    2. Select the appropriate pay category from the drop down list.
    3. Select the location the earnings are to be allocated to. If the employee's default location is to be used, there is no need to make a selection.
    4. Enter the number of units to be paid in each pay run into the 'Earnings (per pay run)' field.
    5. Enter the rate to be applied, this will apply to the number of units entered.
    6. If the super rate needs to be edited, select the 'Override' option and edit the amount as required.
    7. Enter any notes if you want the employee to see them on their pay slip.
    8. Select which pay runs the earnings should apply to. Options are all future pay runs (there will be no end/expiry date), all pay runs where the pay period starts before (end date will be specified) or all pay runs until the maximum amount has been reached (expiry amount will be specified).
    9. Click on 'Save'.

    An example of an Additional earnings records is as follows:


When you run a pay run you’ll end up with the wages split across locations as per your additional earnings lines.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know via support@nzpayroll.co.nz

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