KiwiSaver Report

The KiwiSaver report provides you the details of your employee's KiwiSaver status based on the date range selected.

  • Date range: From and to date. You can click on the 'Date range' text to convert to view details at a per 'Pay Run' level. 
  • Pay Schedule: Defaults to 'All'. You can select the relevant pay schedule via the drop down selection. 
  • Earnings Location: Defaults to 'All'. You can select the relevant Location via the drop-down selection.
  • Employee: defaults to 'All'. You can search by employee name as well.
  • Employing entity: defaults to ‘All’. You can select the relevant Entity via the drop-down selection

Once filters have been selected, click on the 'Run Report' button to view KiwiSaver details. 

From the results, you are able to display it in a number of ways: 

  • Expand all: Will show each employee and their locations along with each of the employees KiwiSaver details. 
  • Collapse all: Will show the total KiwiSaver value for all employees across all locations.

The KiwiSaver report details the employee's KiwiSaver status:

  • If enrolled in KiwiSaver, the employee contribution percentage, employer contribution percentage, ESCT amount.
  • If the employee has opted out of KiwiSaver, then it will display the opt-out date.
  • If on a contribution holiday, the contribution start and end date (if entered) will display. 
  • If an ESCT Manual Adjustment has been set up (employee level – Pay Run Inclusions or in a payrun) the amount will be itemised.
  • ESCT Total $ will include the ESCT Manual Adjustment

You are also able to export this report to CSV, Excel and PDS by clicking on the corresponding buttons. 

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