Updating Employee Details

To update an employee's details you need to open the employee file

Click Details on the left navigation menu.

The Details screen allows you to enter personal and work details of the employee. employee_details.jpeg

A few fields of note here include:

  • Start Date: The start date entered determines when an employee appears in a pay run, roster, can create timesheets and leave requests so ensure the date is correct. 
  • Anniversary Date: This is an optional field but should be used for employees undertaking an apprenticeship or qualification that requires a rate change upon the completion of each stage. If this is the case, you would enter the start date of the employee's apprenticeship/qualification here so that the system then knows to update the employee's rate. Additionally, a warning in the pay run will display to remind the user that the employee has reached their anniversary.    
  • Email: If an employee has portal access, and this email address is the same as the one they use to log in, a verification process will be triggered if this email address is updated. As part of the process, a confirmation email is sent to both the old, and new email address, and the employee will need to confirm the change (via a link sent to the new email address) within 72 hours. Until the new email is verified, the employee will continue to log in using the current email address, and after 72 hours, if the new address has not been confirmed, the email address will revert back to the old one. Read more here
  • Residential Address: Select the address type, local and local C/O addresses will allow you to use the auto address finder, where as the foreign address will allow you to manually type in the address fields. Type the address into the 'look up address' field and select the relevant address. The street name, number and postcode will populate. If adding a level or unit number, both must be completed. If using a foreign address the line 1, country and postcode fields need to be completed at a minimum. Also note that, outside of Country, all other fields are free text so there will be no validation done to ensure the address is correct.
  • Postal Address is the same as Residential Address: This option is selected by default and means the user does not have to enter the address twice if it is exactly the same for residential and postal. Simply deselect the checkbox if you want to enter a different postal address. If this is deselected, the fields and rules listed above in the residential address will apply.
  • Home phone:Must be a valid local number, and any international number must include the country code - and still be a valid number.
  • Mobile phone:Must be a valid local number, and any international number must include the country code - and still be a valid number.
  • External ID: If the business uses external systems (such as HR systems) that integrate with the payroll system, you should enter the employee's ID from such system in this field. This ID will also appear in payroll reports and so a useful tool to reconcile figures between the payroll system and external system.
  • Tags: Tags are a useful tool in setting criteria when setting up employee groups; and/or identifying certain scenarios within pay condition rules. Information on how to create tags for a business can be found here. Instructions on how to assign one or more tags to an employee can be found here.
  • Profile Image: This is an optional field where you can upload a photo of the employee for your records.
  • Terminate Employee: The 'Terminate Employee' button allows you to enter a termination date against an employee file and thereby inactivate them. You would only terminate an employee in this manner if there is no termination pay required (such as annual leave payout) and they have already been paid for all hours worked. You can find out more here about terminating an employee. 
  • Delete employee: As opposed to terminating an employee (and leaving a record) you are able, in some scenarios, to delete an employee which will leave no record of them in the system. If the following scenarios apply, you are not able to delete them and must terminate them instead:
    • The employee has been included in a pay run;
    • The employee has an expense request.

You must always click on 'Save' once any changes or information has been added to an employee file. 

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know via support@yourpayroll.io.

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