Pay Slips - Add a Note for a Single Pay Slip

There are two ways you can add notes to individual employee's pay slips. You can add a one-off note in the pay run itself or add a recurring note on the employee's pay slips page.

A note added within the pay run itself can only be done if the pay run has been unlocked or is unfinalised (see here for help).

Note in the pay run

To add a one-off note to the individual employee from within the pay run:

  1. click on the required pay run;
  2. click on the employee's name for which you need to leave a note;
  3. in the dialog box that comes down, there is a heading that says "Notes for this Pay run":

  4. if you drag the bottom right hand corner of the "Notes" box, you are able to expand it to create more space. Enter the note here and click on SAVE. 

Recurring note 

To add a recurring note to an employee's pay slip: 

  1. go to the employee's record > pay slips page; 
  2. enter the note/message here in the Pay slip message section and click on SAVE. 


Note: These notes will show only on the employee's pay slip for which it applies to.

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