Add Notes to Employee Files


This handy little feature allows you to easily add notes to any employee file you have open to make it easier to track things like:

  • Comments or feedback from the employee
  • Keep a record of phone calls or email follow ups you have with this employee
  • Keep a log of any requests from an employee

To use employee notes, all you need to do is:

  1. Open any employee file. Next to their name you’ll see a little blue button which shows the number of notes for this employee



  2. Clicking the blue button will bring up the notes screen


  3. To add a new note, click the green “Add” button and enter the note into the notes textbox. When you’re done, click save


  4. When you’re done your note will be saved so you can review them at any time


Some other features of employee notes are:

  • Notes can be up to 1000 characters long
  • Notes can be added from any tab within the employee file
  • Notes can also be deleted.
  • Notes are only visible to payroll administrators

If you have any questions or feedback on the employee notes feature, please let us know in the comments or via

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