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Pay slips are only able to be viewed on finalised pay runs (see here for help). This screen is handy if you have employees that prefer to have their pay slips handed to them manually.

You are able to view pay slips via two different methods.

  1. Non-QBO users, if you hover over the requested pay period after clicking on the side dash 'Pay Runs' option, a blue 'Pay Slips' button will appear.

  2. Alternatively, if you click on the 'Pay Runs' tab of the dashboard you will see a list of pay runs. Simply click on the required date to open the run and from here you are able to click on the  'Pay Slips' button on the pay run actions bar:

Once you completed either process a drop down box will appear. You will then be able to choose to view 'All Pay Slips' or 'Manual Notifications'. The second option lets you view only pay slips for employees that do not receive email or SMS notifications

The 'Locations' option lets you filter pay slips by specific work locations.

Once you’ve selected manual notifications, click the 'View Pay Slips' button and you will be able to print pay slips for just employees that require a printed pay slip.

The 'Download Pay Slips' button will produce a PDF version.

If you have any questions or feedback on how pay slip notifications work, please let us know at 

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