Updating Employee Leave Allowances


In order to update an employee's leave allowances you first need to go into their Employee File. You access this by clicking on the 'Employee' tab the payroll dashboard and select an employee from the Employee List:

Click on 'Leave Allowances' under the 'Pay Run Settings' heading on the left hand side of the screen. 


On this screen, all the leave categories that have been set up will appear. You can then manage the following for each employee:

  • Can Apply For Leave - you can switch on/off any leave category that the employee can access when applying for leave;
  • Units - set the entitlement amount for each leave category; 
  • Unit Type - set whether the entitlement accrues on a per hour worked or per pay run basis;
  • Leave Loading - enter a leave loading amount, for eg if the employee is entitled to 17.5% loading when taking annual leave, you would enter 17.5; 
  • Contingent & Entitlement Period - this traditionally applies to long service leave. Enter the number of years each period should be activated from. If the contingent period has occurred, this leave category will appear in an employee's termination pay and you can choose to pay it (if the leave is set to be paid out on termination). Additionally, if the entitlement period has occurred, the employee will be able to choose that leave category when applying for leave; 
  • Override - this determines whether an employees leave allowance can be overridden or not. If the override is set to no, you will see that the fields are blocked and cannot be changed. To activate an override of a leave category, simply click on the left of the override box.

Click 'Save' once you have finished making changes to the employee's leave allowances. 

****NOTE: If an employee's leave allowances were previously determined from a leave allowance template and you made changes to the employee's leave allowances, the following message will appear on the screen denoting that the leave allowance template no longer applies to that employee:


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