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The UK End of Tax Year is approaching, and we have compiled a list of questions that you may have regarding any End of Tax Year processes and tasks that you need to complete.


We have created a UK End of Tax Year Hub, complete with helpful links, important dates and links to sessions by our Customer Success team to help with any questions and issues you may have with your End of Tax Year.



  What are the main tasks for Year End?  

  • Run final payrun for the tax year and submit FPS with the Flag as this is the final payrun for the tax year.
  • Submit final EPS.
  • Submit Final EPS.
  • Create your first pay run for the new tax year.
  • Issue P60’s.

  How do I submit my Final FPS for the Tax Year?  

When you have finished processing all of your pay runs for the year, you need to notify HMRC. You can do this within the RTI files by sending a Final Submission Indicator. When you submit this to the HMRC they will not expect any further submissions for that tax year and will effectively close the payroll for that year

The platform will automatically populate the final pay run indicator if it is the last period of the tax year, for example, month 12, however, you can untick this if required.  If for any reason you miss sending this in the full payment summary (FPS) for your final pay run, you can manually set this flag within the employment payment summary (EPS) to notify HMRC instead.


If you are processing multiple payment frequencies under the same PAYE reference, you can flag the final pay run in the last FPS you send. The deadline for you to file the final submission with HMRC is the 19th April 2024.

  How do I get help from support?  

The UK Payroll Team will hold a Live Webinar specifically for Year-end queries and will provide details provided via email. 

  Do I need to terminate inactive employees before processing Year End?  

Yes, you must make sure you have terminated all inactive employees before year-end to avoid issuing a P60 in error.

  How do I apply Tax code uplifts?  

Once you have submitted the final FPS and rolled into the new financial year, the tax codes will automatically apply unless stated otherwise. You can also check again by going to the relevent pay run and clicking the Recheck HMRC Notices button.

  What is the deadline for distributing P60s?  

The deadline is the 31st May 2024 for the P60 distribution.

  How can I distribute P60’s to my employees in bulk?  

Once you have published your certificates, you can then send them to your employees. To do this, click the Send Notification button. You can also download a PDF or Excel copy of the P60 certificates for your records or to distribute manually.

Please note you can also download or publish a P60 certificate for an individual by clicking on the actions button on the right hand side of the employee's name and choosing the option you require. For Payroll and HR customers, once you published your P60 documents from payroll platform, these will be available on your HR platform as well so employees can access these via their HR portal.

  How do I manage benefits that need to be carried forward?  

Any benefits you have payrolled or reported via P11D for 2022/23, if they are required for 2023/24, you will need to roll these into the new tax year. Within the benefits section of the business there is a year-end option that will take you through the whole process.

  Do I need to update the Employment Allowance?  

If you have previously claimed employment allowance, we have copied these details over to the new tax year. You will need to check them over to make sure nothing has changed with your entitlement.

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