Tax Year End Checklist 23/24

Deadline Task. Notes.
19th April Final FPS sent.

When the last pay run of the tax year is finalised the system will automatically tick the ‘Final Submission’ box to notify HMRC, this can be unticked if required.

If the pay run is automated the submission will be filed with this setting applied.

19th April Final EPS sent.

If you have filed a ‘final FPS’ you have already notified HMRC to no longer expect any more submissions for 22/23 tax year, you are therefore not required to notify them again in the EPS.

If however you miss setting the flag in the FPS you can instead send a final EPS submission, this will need to be set manually even if the EPS is automatically sent.

31st May P60’s published.

Deadline date for P60 distribution to employees is 31st May.  If a pay schedule is automated they will be published in the final pay run based on the pay slip publication settings.

P60’s can be published from the report page under HMRC reporting.

  Employment allowance. If you have previously claimed employment allowance we have copied these details over to the new tax year.  They will need to be checked over to ensure nothing has changed with your entitlement. 
  Payrolling Benefits Use the carry forward wizard in the business benefit category section to apply the benefits to the new tax year.  Use this guide for more information. 
  First pay run 2024/25 When you create your first pay run this is the point the system will clear down any week 1/month 1 status held against employee tax codes, ready for processing the new tax year. 
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