Gross to Net report

The Gross to Net report allows you to view a breakdown of total earnings, deductions and pensions for each employee over a given period of time. 

Helpful Hint

Only data from finalised pay runs will be included in the report


Generate the report

To access and generate the report:

  1. Log into your payroll platform.
  2. Select Reports from the left hand menu.
  3. Under payroll reports, select Gross to net report.
  4. The report allows you to filter for a range of different date periods including:
  • This month
  • This quarter to date
  • Last month
  • Last Quarter
  • Financial Year
  • Custom range

Helpful Hint

If you want to select a specific pay run instead of a date range, you can change to that filter by clicking the toggle button:

Remember that report results are based on DATE PAID.

  1. The other filters available are:
  • Pay schedule - This will show all pay schedules that exist within the business
  • Default location - This refers to the location set as the employees default on their Employee file > Pay run defaults page (as at the date the pay run is created). 
  • Employee - You can select a singular employee to filter for. You cannot select multiple employees. 
  • Pay categories - This will show all pay categories within the business, both award and non-award pay categories. 
  • Group by - The options are to have no grouping, or to group by the employee default location
  • Employing entity - If you have multiple employing entities in your business you are able to filter using all of them, or specific ones. 
  1. The report will then list each employee along a singular line and will show the total hours before breaking it down further to show the pay categories that the employee has gross earnings attributed to, and will show the value for each of these.
  2. It will also provide the following totals:
  • Total gross earnings
  • Taxable earnings
  • PAYE
  • Loans (including student & postgrad)
  • Pensions (including employer & employee)
  • NIC (including employer & employee)
  • Net earnings
  • Total gross plus pension
  1. You can easily access the report filter and download button whilst scrolling through the report via a sticky filter, without having to scroll back to the top of the page. The sticky filter buttons will appear on the top right-hand side of the report when you scroll down the report:
  2. Using this sticky filter, you can choose to change the filter parameters by clicking on the 'Filter' button and making the changes then clicking the 'Update' button. You also have the option to clear the filter completely to default by clicking the 'Clear filters' option at the bottom right-hand side of the sticky filter.
Export the report
  1. To export the report, select the Download button.
  2. Then select your preferred file format, either CSV, Excel or PDF.
  3. The download will then begin automatically.
    G2N download.jpg
Generate a draft report from a pay run
  1. To generate a draft Gross to Net report from within any unfinalised pay run, open the relevant Pay Run and click the Reports button.
  2. Click the Gross to Net Report button. gross2net from payrun.jpg
  3.  You will be taken to the Gross to Net report screen and the filter settings will have been auto populated to match the pay run you have just come from. 
  4. Click Run Report

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