Submitting FPS to HMRC

When you process a pay run you need to submit a Full Payment Summary (FPS)to HMRC 

You need to submit an FPS on or before the employee's pay day.

This article will explain how to submit your FPS to HMRC

  • Before you submit your first FPS, you need to make sure you've correctly configured your RTI username and password under the HMRC settings section.

  • Once you have entered your RTI details, create your pay run as normal, then when you finalise your pay run, you will be able to select your pay run lodgement options

     - Lodge Pay Run now - will lodge your pay run to HMRC as soon as you click the "Finalise" button
     - Lodge Pay Run manually at a later date - will not lodge your pay run to HMRC until you click the "Lodge Pay Run" button on the pay run screen (see below for more details)

  • Once you've finalised your pay run, your FPS will be lodged with HMRC

  • If you've selected to manually lodge your FPS, you can do so by clicking the "Lodge Pay Run" button under the "Actions" tab within the pay run

And that's it! Your FPS has now been filed with HMRC. 

Please note that if you send your FPS in test mode it will NOT be a successful submission. This can be checked as explained below.

When you submit an FPS to HMRC in RTI you can check the submission one of two ways:

  1. From within the pay run, under the 'Pay Run Actions' > 'Download FPS XML' option
  2. Going to the RTI lodgement messages within 'Reports' > 'RTI Lodgement Messages'. When you go to the lodgement messages you will be able to see messages such as if your lodgement has been submitted, lodged successfully, failed etc.

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