Entering Opening Balances to Director Pays

Once you have set up your Directors on the system you will need to enter their opening balances. If the first time you are going to pay the director is in April you will not need to enter the opening balances as they will be zero however if you are moving part way through the year then you need to include the opening balances for the previous months.

To check that you are entering them for the correct tax year you should go to Payroll Settings > Business Settings > Opening Balances and then you will see the year that the opening balance is set for:


If you need to change the tax year you can do so by clicking on the drop down arrow pictured above and selecting the year that you need.

Once the correct tax year is selected you should ensure it is saved and go back to the employee list and select the employee you are entering the opening balances for. When you are in the employee's details page you will need to select opening balances from the menu on the left hand side of the screen and you will see the screen below:


Here you will see a range of tabs, they will not all be required to be filled in. Most director's will not manage their leave through the software so these will probably be left blank. You should enter the salary and any other figures that you have and press save to ensure that the system is updated. If you have created some deduction settings you may need to enter deductions. For pensions and tax, if any has been paid please enter the details in the correct fields as you should in any of the other tabs.

National Insurance details will need to be entered in the opening balances and saved.

The Opening Balances have then been entered.

To view a YouTube video on Entering Opening Balances to Director Pays click on this link.


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