Generating P45 documents for employees

When you terminate an employee you need to issue them with a P45.

You can generate and issue P45's either from directly within the pay run or from the employee file. 

From within the pay run

You can generate and issue a P45 from within a pay run by following these steps:

  1. From within an unlocked pay run, click on the employee you wish to terminate, then click on 'Actions' > 'Terminate Employee' and then click 'Save'.

  2. Once the employee is terminated, you can then finalise the pay run. When you finalise the pay run, the P45 will be automatically generated and you will be given the option to send the P45 when the pay run is published:

    If you select 'Make documents available to employee now' or 'Publish documents at' then the P45 will be sent to your employee along with their regular pay slip email.

From within the employee file

You can generate a P45 from within an employee file by following these steps:

  1. Open the employee file and click 'HMRC Forms'.

  2. Within the 'HMRC Forms' section there will be a section for P45 forms.

    Click 'View' to download a copy of the P45 form or click 'Send notification' to send the employee the P45.


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