Setup Report Packs to Automate Report Delivery with Director Pays

Report Packs are either an individual report or a bundle of reports that can be generated at any time, or sent to a list of email recipients either at specific times (ad hoc) or on a recurring schedule, as specified by the user.

This feature is provided to full access users and affords them the ability to:

  • Set up a schedule once, and then walking away, knowing that the system will do the rest of the work on an ongoing basis.
  • Adding recipients that do not have access to your account to receive assigned reports via email.
  • Saving an abundant amount of time by not having to download, save, email, attach, etc, to send a report.

The reports available to include in a Pack are all the reports we currently have in our reports library.

To set up and configure a Report Pack, go to Reports > Report Packs: 


Custom Configuration

Click on the 'Configuration' button (located in the top right hand corner of the screen) so the screen displays the following settings that will allow you to set up your own default configuration when sending Report Packs:report_pack_2.png 

The default email address the Report Pack email is sent from is the email address specified in the 'Contact Email Address' field within the Business Settings. You can change this default 'From' email address to something different by entering an email address in the 'From Email Address (optional)' field. You are also able to enter a custom message that will be displayed within the body of the email by clicking on the 'edit' button. Remember to click 'Save'!

Adding a Report Pack

Clicking on the 'Add' button (also located in the top right hand corner of the screen) will allow you to add and configure the Report Pack to suit your needs, as follows: 



You will be required to enter the following information:

(1) Name of the Report Pack - we will reference this name in the email that is sent so we strongly recommend it is named in a manner that will make sense to the recipients.

(2) The time period in which you would like the report filters to generate (you can however leave this blank if you want to set custom dates instead).  

(3) The times/schedule the Report Pack should be sent. 'Set up a schedule' allows you to specify the frequency, day and time to be sent out. 'Send out at these times'  allows you to schedule a date/time to send the Report Pack as a 'one off'. You can set multiple dates/time by clicking the 'Add another time' option. 

(4) Add the report(s) that you would like included in the Report Pack. Note: After you select a report to add you may be required to select additional fields, depending on the report you have chosen. These include:

  • Whether you want to apply the reporting period (if the report allows it) or a custom date range.
  • Export options - CSV, Excel, PDF (or any other options depending on the report selected).
  • A range of other report filters that are specific to the individual report.

(5)  Enter the email address and name of the recipient(s) that should be receiving the Report Pack. To add additional recipients, click the 'Add Recipient' option. There is also a checkbox to require users to login to the payroll platform when downloading report packs. If you select this option and the recipient is not an existing user, the recipient will be sent an email with instructions on how to create their password and access the platform. When the recipient then receives the report pack notification email, clicking on the download report pack will direct them to the payroll login screen. Once logged in, the report pack will then download. If you want the recipient to be logged in to download the report pack you must select the tick box to say that.

(6) If you don't want to apply the default configuration settings for this specific Report Pack, you can change the 'From' email address and/or email content.

When you have completed setting up the pack you will need to save the changes you have made by pressing the 'Save' button.

Once you have set up the report pack you will then see the report pack that is set up. You have the option to set up another recipient if you require to and you will also see that you will have the option to download a copy of the report pack without sending it or the option to send it now.report_3.png


If you need to delete a Report Pack, simply hover over the required line of the Report Pack and click the  icon.

To watch a YouTube video of how to Set Up Report Packs to Automate Report Delivery with Director Pays please click here.


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