Exporting Timesheets from Deputy Standard or Premium Edition

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Please note that this article is relevant to clients using Deputy Standard Edition (hostname ending with '.au.deputy.com'). For clients using Deputy Black Edition, please refer to this article.

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To be clear, if your Deputy hostname ends with '.au.deputy.com' and/or you're using the Deputy Standard or Premium Edition this article will show you how to export your timesheets from Deputy into your payroll platform.

Before You Start

Before you get started, you'll need to ensure that you have System Administrator or Location Manager privileges in Deputy to export.

Within your payroll platform, you'll need to have administrative rights for running payroll and entering timesheets.

Prior to exporting timesheets you will need to get your API Key. Please refer to this article for information on retrieving your API key.

Location Setup

To have your business link from Deputy you will need to match the Unique Code of the Location in Deputy to the External ID from your payroll platform (found in Payroll Settings -> Details). Find the Deputy code first by going to the "Locations" tab at the top of the screen, then click "Settings" next to the relevant location. You may then view it under the "General" tab as shown:

Then enter this code into the "External Id" field in your payroll platform (found in Payroll Settings -> Details):



Assigning Areas and Locations

If you have multiple locations and sub-locations for your business in your payroll platform, and need to pay your employees using different locations you will need to set up these areas in Deputy. The following screenshot from Payroll Settings -> Locations in your payroll platform demonstrates what is classed as "Locations" as opposed to "Areas" in Deputy. Note, the indented sub-locations in your payroll platform are "Areas":

To add these in Deputy, click on the "Locations" tab at the the top and select "Add Location" to enter a parent location (the non-indented ones in your payroll platform):

The initial process of adding a new location will also let you add areas.You can choose to do it within this screen, or doing it later by clicking on the previously set up parent location, and selecting the "Edit Settings" option from the drop down box:

Then select the "Areas" tab to the left and simply type in the name of the area (corresponding to the sub-location in your payroll platform):

Now that these locations and areas are set up you will be able to assign employee shifts to have the timesheets correctly import to the desired locations in your payroll platform. 

**Note - If an employee is entered in Deputy as working in an area that doesn't exist in your payroll platform (no record at all or different spelling), it will appear when exported as the employee's default location (but will still export). However, if the area name exactly matches a sub-location in your payroll platform it will pay them in that different location as opposed to their default location. Note also that the area name used in Deputy should be unique, do not use the same area name more than once. If required, use a suffix e.g. Kitchen (Kook) if you wanted to use the area name 'kitchen' in another location.

Employee Setup

The Timesheet Export Code of each employee in Deputy should align with an External ID of an employee in your payroll platform. The Timesheet Export Code can be found on the "Employee Edit" screen in Deputy:

You then need to enter this External ID into the employee's details in your payroll platform (Employee File -> Details):


For further information about configuring your employees to export from Deputy, please refer to this article.

Leave Setup

Additionally, you may export three types of leave (Annual Leave, Sick Leave, and Time in Lieu Taken) from Deputy to your payroll platform. You will need to configure it to accept these leave types. This is done by going into Payroll Settings -> Leave Categories and adding the following external codes:

  • Annual Leave -> AL  
  • Sick Leave -> SL
  • Time in Lieu -> TL 

Please follow the instructions here for creating Leave in Deputy.

Exporting Timesheets

Please navigate to the Timesheets tab at the top of your screen and select "Export TimeSheets". Select the date range for the export from the date selector (http://help.deputy.com/customer/portal/articles/1764611) at the top of screen. 

Please select the employees to export on the left hand side. To quickly select all employees click "Select All". The details will then be displayed on the right hand side. If you need to edit an item, please click on the item in the list to the right and select "View or edit original item". Once you are ready to export, please click "Export Selected Items".

In the pop up box, select "Employment Hero Payroll (Direct Export)". Please enter your API Key from the "Before You Start section". You will see an "Override Business ID" option at the bottom. Rather than using the Unique Code from earlier, you may choose to send all timesheets to a single External ID in Employment Hero Payroll. If you don't want to do so, please leave the box blank.

Finally, please Select Export

Reviewing Timesheets 

When you then go into your payroll platform and create a pay run for the same period as the Deputy timesheets, there will be an option to include imported timesheets. These will then be included in the pay run:

Alternatively, the timesheets can be viewed outside of a pay run within the "Timesheets" screen, making sure to filter the "Status" as "Any":

Unless specified when entering the timesheets (using locations and areas in Deputy), the locations that the employees are paid under correlate to the default location set up in the employee's Pay Run Defaults:

If you need any further support please email support@yourpayroll.co.uk


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