Employee Portal Settings

The Employee Portal Settings are where you can configure the settings for the employee portal. To access the Employee Portal Settings you need to go to Payroll Settings > Business Management > Employee Portal Settings.

You will be presented with a screen (see image below) that has a variety of options for you to choose from.  Select the tick boxes to grant employees the type of access you require them to have.


The next section has a drop down box which gives you the opportunity to select one of these options:

  • Not access timesheets: Employees will have no access to view timesheets.
  • View their own timesheets: Employees can view all their timesheets but cannot edit them.
  • Only edit their own timesheets: Employees can view all their timesheets however, can only edit timesheets they created via their employee portal. They cannot edit timesheets created via the kiosk, Clock Me In or the clock in/out functionality.
  • Only edit timesheets created via the kiosk: Employees can view all their timesheets however, can only edit timesheets generated from the Kiosk or Clock Me In. They will not be able to create timesheets via the employee portal. 
  • Create and edit all timesheets: Employees will be able to create and edit all timesheets, whether generated from the employee portal, kiosk and/or Clock Me In.



If the clock in/out functionality is activated an additional list of settings will appear. They are:

  • Capture employee photo when clocking in/out: Employees would be required to take a photo as part of the clock in/out process when starting/ending work as well as taking breaks. An employee will not be able to complete the clock in/out unless the photo has been captured.
  • Allow employees to apply rostered start/finish times when clocking in/out. This setting relates to giving the employees the option of using their rostered start/stop times as their clock in/out times rather than the time they actually clocked on. For example, if an employee's rostered start time is at 9am but they have clocked in early at 8.50am they can choose to select the 9am start instead. The option will only appear if the employee clocks in/out within the timeframes defined as part of this setting, hence the sub-settings 'Employees can apply the rostered start time up to  'x' minutes before their shift is due to start' and 'Employees can apply the rostered end time up to 'x' minutes after their shift ends'. Using the example above where the option will appear within 30 minutes of the employee's rostered time, an employee's shift will commence at 8.30am however they clock in at 8.14am. Their rostered details will appear on the screen as follows:

When they tap on "Continue", they will be given the option of clocking in using their actual clock in time or their rostered time. 

  • Send employee reminder notifications. This setting will activate sending a push notification to an employee if they have not yet clocked out 'x' minutes after their rostered end time.
  • Send employees a notification when their personal, bank account, or pension details are updated.

Once you have set up the settings you will need to set up Employee Portal Access. To see an article regarding how to do this, please click here.


If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know via support@yourpayroll.co.uk.

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