FPS Import

If you've been previously running payroll and would like to upgrade payroll providers, you can get up and running quickly by using our FPS import.

Using the FPS import will allow you to import the following data:

  • HMRC Details
  • Employee Details - including some of the opening balances.

To view our YouTube video on FPS File Importer - How to add employees click here.

Firstly you will need to export the data from your previous payroll provider by downloading the latest FPS submission made to HMRC.

You can import your FPS payroll data by following these steps:

  1. Go to the 'Add Employee' menu and click on 'Import Employees':


2. Under the 'Import employees' section, select 'FPS File Import' from the 'Import employees from'  drop down menu.

3. Then 'Select file' you now want to upload (the file type needs to be XML).


4. Once you have chosen the file you would like to upload click on the 'Confirm upload?' button.



Once the download is complete you will see the following screen informing you that the import was successful.



N.B. Please be aware that once the import has been done you will still need to complete certain parts of the employee set up wizard with data not contained in the FPS to fully complete the employee set up.

You can then click on the name of the employee which will take you the employee set up wizard to complete the information.




The following information will need to be completed in the set up wizard:

  • Email address (if required)
  • Employee start date
  • Pay Rate
  • Hours worked
  • Employee bank details
  • Pension Details (if required)

Once this information has been added you will see the following screen which will confirm that the set up for this employee has now been successfully completed.



You can now repeat these steps to set up all of your employees.

Employee Details

The following details will be included in the import:

Title    =>      Title

Forename    =>      First Name

Surname      =>      Surname

Address 1      =>      Residential Address Line 1

Address 2      =>      Residential Address Line 2

Address 3      =>      Residential Suburb

Post Code      =>      Residential Post Code

Gender      =>      Gender

Date of Birth      =>      Date Of Birth

Tax Code      =>      Tax Code

Wk1Mth1 Basis   =>      Tax Calculation Method

NI Category    =>      National Insurance Category

Employee Statement => (Default ‘This employee has previously been reported’)

Payroll ID      =>      RTI Payroll Id

NI Number      =>      National Insurance Number

Director Status      =>      Company Director

Payment Frequency      =>      Pay Schedule

Payment Date     =>    Date of payment

Pay Period     =>     Current week/month

Opening Balances

The following details will be included in the import:

Gross Pay for Tax      =>      Gross Earnings (Salary Pay Category Default)

Total Tax TD      =>      PAYE Amount

Gross Pay for NIC      =>      Total NIable Pay 

Ees NIC TD      =>      NI Employee Contribution

Ers NIC TD      =>      NI Employer Contribution

NIC to LEL      =>      NIable pay at the LEL 

NIC to PT       =>      NIable pay LEL to PT

NIC to UEL      =>      NIable pay PT to UEL 

Ee Pens TD      =>      Employee Pension Contribution

Student Loan TD    =>    Student Loan Amount

Postgraduate Loan TD      =>      Postgrad Loan Amount

Statutory Sick Pay TD    =>   Amount

Statutory Maternity Pay TD   =>    Amount

Statutory Parental Pay TD    =>    Amount

Statutory Adoption Pay TD    =>    Amount

Statutory Shared Parental Pay TD    =>    Amount

Statutory Parental Bereavement TD    =>    Amount

N.B. Please note that in the HMRC settings page for your business your Employer PAYE reference, Accounts office Reference and HMRC user ID will be imported from the FPS.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know via support@yourpayroll.co.uk



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