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NEST error messages

Below are common NEST error messages that occur.

  • IFC01645 - The information you've entered for this member doesn't match this schedule. Please check that the earnings period for this member matches this schedule. You should also check that the payment source or start date for this member matches this schedule


This worker may not be an active member of the scheme in this period - either;

  • they have not been enrolled until after the period, or;
  • they have already left in an earlier period.

If either of these apply you may need to manually accumulate the contributions in either the previous or next period, or process as an exception schedule, as appropriate.

You should also check that the same Contribution plan (Group) and sub group (NEST Payment Source) has been used for this worker in NEST and payroll.

  • IFC01802 - You've already enrolled this member using this enrolment type. If you enrolled this member before and their enrolment status has changed then please choose the appropriate enrolment type and try again.


The member has already been enrolled, so NEST has rejected the duplicate enrolment. However they will still have processed any other enrolments and contributions in this submission, including for this member. You should check on the NEST website, but you may not need to make another submission for this period if all other data has been accepted.

In payroll, please check the Employee's 'Pension Settings' and ensure for the next period that they are set as 'Already in Scheme' so that they are not submitted as an enrolment in the next period too.

  • IFC01916 - You must provide a valid header or trailer record. Please ensure the payment source and frequency are correct and that the payment due date is in the correct format - it should match an existing contribution schedule on the system. Please check your data and try again.


The issue is typically caused by a mismatch of Contribution Plan (NEST Group) or sub group (NEST Payment Source) between the NEST records and the payroll data. Please review and amend your settings in payroll as required.

Alternatively, the error could be caused by there being no active members in the scheme in this period, so NEST has no expectation of data for the period being submitted. You can check this on the NEST Manage Workers area, to see if there are any active members - and then proceed as required to either set some enrolments in payroll, or ensure the workers are set as not in the scheme in payroll.

  • IFC12161 - We can't find a record of this member for this employer account. Please check that the member has been enrolled and the information you entered for them is correct.


Please check if this worker is a current member of the scheme, they may have left, opted out or ceased contributions in an earlier period. In which case you'll need to apply this change in payroll.

If the worker is still an active member at NEST, please review if the identifiers (Employee Id/Payroll ID, NI Number or Surname) are different on payroll to the NEST records.

If the details on NEST need updating this can be done as follows:

Once updated, NEST can take up to 15 minutes for updates to reflect on the contribution schedule, so you should wait at least 15 minutes before resubmitting the data via PensionSync.

NEST Period Dates

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