HMRC Forms

To view your employees P45, P60 and Auto-enrolment forms you need to select the individual employee from the employee list and under employee management you will see HMRC Forms.HMRC1.png

You will then see the following page:


P45 - This is the form given to the employee on termination of employment. You will be able to preview this form and you will see that the figures within it are for the year to date. If the employee has not been terminated then you will see the warning next to the preview option.

P60 - This is the statement due to your employee at the end of the financial year which proves the tax that they have paid throughout the year. At the end of the financial year the P60 will be available to be accessed here.

The Auto-enrolment notice is available to be downloaded here. You will get a warning as pictured above if records indicate that an auto-enrolment notice has not been sent. You can enter the date for your records when you send the notification.


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