Adding Employee Expenses to a Pay Run

If you want to include an expense reimbursement for an employee in a pay run, you can do this by adding expense lines within the pay run. 

You can add an expense line to a pay run with the following steps:

  1. Make sure you have an appropriate Expense Category defined for this expense. You can find out more about managing expense categories here
  2. Open the employee that you wish to add the expense reimbursement to by clicking on their name in list of employees in the pay run to expand their pay run details
  3. From the blue "Actions" button in the bottom right corner select "Add Expense" add_expense.png
  4. This will add a new blank earnings line in the "Expenses" section of the employee's pay run details
  5. For the new expense line, enter the following:
    • Expense Category (required)
    • Location (required)
    • Notes
    • Tax Code 
    • Amount (required)
  6.  Once these details have been entered, click "Save" and the expense line will be added to the pay run.

Please Note: An expense will not be added to the employee's NET pay.  The expense will need to be deposited in addition to the employee's NET pay.

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