Abridged Employee Import

Importing employees from an XLSX or CSV file is a great way to get set up and running quickly, and it is also a handy way to perform bulk updates of employee data.  The best way to get started is by exporting the XLSX or CSV template file, adding data to it, and then re-importing it.

Exporting a template

To export the template, go to the Employees tab on the dashboard, click the Add Employee button, and choose the Export Employees option. Then click on the drop-down menu options to choose an Empty Template from the Data Type menu. Then choose the Abridged Format File option from the File menu. Lastly choose whether you want to work with an XLSX or CSV Template from the File format menu and click on the Download button.



This file contains the column headers for the import. You simply need to add a row for each employee that you wish to import. Once you have entered the data into your file and saved it, you can now import the data using the Import Employees option.


You now choose the Abridged Format file upload; this is just a smaller data range compared to the standard file upload, from the Import Employees From option. Then select the file you want to import by clicking the Select File button.  Once the file is in place, click the Confirm Upload button.


Once the import is complete, a report will be displayed showing you the employees that were created/updated.


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