Pension Contribution Report

The Pensions Contribution report is a report that provides a breakdown of the employers contributions and the employees contributions to the pension schemes.

To access the Pensions Contribution Report select Reports > Payroll > Pension Contributions.

You can filter the report using the following parameters:

  • Date Range: You can select between 'Month', quarter to date, last month, last quarter Financial Year or custom range where you enter the date ranges.
  • Pay Schedule: This filter will generate the report for selected pay schedules, i.e., weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  • Employee: You can choose to run this report for all employees or for an individual employee by typing in the first three letters of their name.
  • Location: The default value is 'All', however you can choose to filter the report for a specific location.

Once you have set your filters, you can:

  • Generate the report on screen.
  • Export to Excel.
  • Export to CSV.
  • Export to Options Pensions.
  • Export to Royal London - There are two 2 versions of the reports to choose from.
  • Export to Creative Pensions
  • Export to Scottish Widows
  • Export to PDF.

The report will show:

  • Employees id: This is to identify the employee.
  • External employee id: If applicable this will show.
  • First name: To identify the employee.
  • Surname: To identify the employee.
  • Scheme Name: This is the name of the pension.
  • National Insurance Number: If one has been supplied it will show in this column.
  • National Insurance Category: The letter will show in the column.
  • Employee Pension Contribution: The total amount for the period selected of how much the employee has contributed to their pension will show here.
  • Employee Pension Sacrifice: This is the amount that the employee has sacrificed from their wages to their pension.
  • Employer Pension Contributions:The total amount for the period selected of how much the employer has contributed towards the employees pension will show here.
  • Pensionable pay: This is the total amount of pay from which contributions have been deducted.

The CSV export options for 'Options Pensions', 'Royal London', 'Creative Pensions' and 'Scottish Widows' will download in the format specified by the pension provider.

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