Updating Bank Accounts

In order to update your bank account details within the employee portal you simply need to enter 'Employee Details'. Once in your details page, click 'Bank Accounts' to the left of screen.




The bank account details screen allows you to control how much of your pay goes into a bank account by specifying a percentage or fixed amount.

You have the option of adding bank accounts. 

When you click on the "Add" button, a dropdown list will appear with the choice of 'Bank Account'bank_ac.png


Once you click on Add Bank Account, you will then be required to enter the following details:

  • Name: Your first name and surname will pre-populate in this field. You can change this so that it matches the name of the bank account if you so wish.
  • Sort Code: Enter your banks sort code
  • Account Number: Enter your account number here. A maximum of 8 digits should be entered here.
  • Pay into this account: You have three options here - (a) a percentage of your pay, (b) a fixed amount or (c) the entire amount. If only one bank account is to be set up, the value here must be "Entire balance". 
  • Then click "Save".

In order to delete bank account details, you simply click on 'Delete this bank account' Screen_Shot_2017-12-04_at_17.05.58.pngif it is displayed in red. If it is in grey, it means it cannot be deleted. Common reasons for this is (a) it is the only bank account recorded for you and so another bank account will need to be added before it can be deleted or (b) the bank account is attached to a recurring deduction and so cannot be deleted until the deduction expires or is deleted. You will need to speak to your payroll administrator to have this changed. 

You may find that a bank account is greyed out and cannot be edited. This is because your payroll administrator has restricted this setting. 


If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know via support@yourpayroll.co.uk

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