Pay Slips - How to Resend

On occasions employees may require you to resend them their pay slips.  By following these steps you will be able to email your employee/s their pay slip/s.

  1. Go to the employees details page by selecting the name of the employee from the home page.

  2. Select 'Pay Slips' from the menu on the left hand side of the screen, under 'Employee Management'.

  3. You will be presented with a screen that looks like the image belowpayslip.png Select the pay period in which you want to resend the employee's pay slip (see red arrow).  You also have the opportunity to email or download the payslip which as at the end of the line when you hover the mouse over the date of the payslip required.

  4. When you click on the date you will then be presented with the employees selected pay slip.  In the top right corner there is a blue "Email [first name] this Pay Slip" (see image below).  Press this button to email a copy of the pay slip to the employee.


    Downloading Multiple Pay Slips 

    We also have a handy little feature that allows pay run administrators to download all pay slips for an employee for a given date range.

    Simply open the employee file and go to their 'pay slips' section and you’ll see a section for downloading multiple pay slips. Simply enter the date range, click download and the system will generate you a single PDF with all the payslips for that employee for the given date range


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