Employee Leave Calendar

The following article takes a look at the leave calendar.

To access the leave calendar once logged into your business file please select the leave calendar via the 'Manage Employees' tab:

Here’s an example screenshot of what the leave calendar looks like.

This provides a visual glimpse of all of the leave that employees have applied for over time.

The leave calendar allows you to 

Filter by:

  • leave status
  • leave period
  • leave category
  • location
  • employee
  • leave period

Toggle between:

  • list
  • calendar

View context of leave by employee. Highlight the leave against employee and select to view and edit the details of leave.

Bank holidays are now highlighted on the leave calendar so it’s easy to see when leave overlaps with Bank holidays. 

  • Please note that Bank Holidays need to be included in the calendar manually.  You can do this by selecting 'Bank Holidays' from the Payroll Settings menu.  Then click on the date of the Bank Holiday and enter the information required from the drop down dialogue box that appears.



Permission to view the leave calendar (and control over which employees are visible) is controlled via the Employee Groups feature. Users with the ‘Approve Leave Requests’ permission will automatically have access to the calendar.

Additionally, there is a ‘View Leave Requests’ permission that can be granted for users that need ‘read only’ access to view employee leave.


The Employee Management home page will now show an additional function (for users with the appropriate permission).


Please feel free to send any feedback to us via support@yourpayroll.co.uk.
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