Importing and Exporting Pay Rate Templates

If you have a large number of pay rate templates you need to update, you can export them to a csv file, bulk update them in excel and then import them to update the rates.

You can export pay rate templates by following these steps:

  1. Click on the "Business" menu -> "Settings" and then "Pay Rate Templates"

  2. From the Pay Rate Templates screen, click on the "Import / Export" tab:

  3. From the Import / Export screen, click on the 'Export' link and then select from Excel or CSV download:

This will download a CSV file which you can open up in excel to bulk update the rates.

Once you have updated your rates and saved the CSV file, you can upload the rates by clicking on the "Select File" button and selecting the file you wish to upload.

If you also want to update the rates for the employees that are linked to the updated pay rate templates, you can do so by selecting the "Update employee pay rates" option.

Not having the above can cause confusion as clients can update the template but if employees are linked to the template, the update won't apply this to linked employees.

Once you have updated the pay rates, they will be available to assign to employees.


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