Bank Holidays

Pay Conditions may be set up to automatically pay employees at different rates for bank holidays.

Please note that unless pay condition rules are set up, bank holidays are not automatically applied during a pay run.

To view our YouTube video on Bank Holidays click here.

Manually Adding Bank Holidays

The settings for Bank Holidays can be accessed and updated by clicking on 'Payroll Settings' > 'Business Management' > 'Bank Holidays'.

Click on the required date on the calendar to add a bank holiday

  • -Please check for all government and regional Bank Holidays not listed and add them in manually if required and assign to this location in payroll.

You need to add the date, description, any notes if you want any and which locations the bank holiday applies to if its location specific. Press Save.

System Public Holidays 

You can disable a system public holiday by selecting the holiday and choosing the disable option. This will leave the holiday in your calendar but there will be a line through the name;



To re enable this holiday simply select it again and select to restore the system public holiday. 

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