Time and Attendance Kiosks

To manage Time and Attendances Kiosks (aka 'Soft Clocks'), go to the 'Time and Attendance' section under (Business Management) Payroll Settings.

To view our YouTube video on Time and Attendance click here.

Adding a Kiosk

To add a kiosk, click the 'Add Kiosk' button. Enter or configure the following details:

  • Name (this will be shown at the top of the kiosk when it is running)
  • Location
    Note: see the 'frequently asked questions' section for more information regarding locations and the kiosk
  • Time Zone
  • Allow employees to select a higher classification when clocking on
  • Restrict employees to approved locations only
  • Make this kiosk available to all restricted users with Clock Me In access
  • Capture photo when clocking on/off
  • Allow employees to apply rostered start/finish times when clocking on/off (you will then need to set the number of minutes  an employee can apply the rostered start/end time up to)
  • The options for - 'Employees must select a work type for their shift' and 'Employees must select a location for their shift' are controlled by the Timesheet Settings 



Deleting a kiosk

You are able to delete a time and attendance kiosk by hovering over the entry that you want to delete and clicking the red cross to the right of the screen:


Restoring a kiosk

You are able to restore a location by going to Payroll settings > Restore deleted items, and selecting 'Time & attendance kiosk' from the drop down box. A list of all deleted kiosks will appear and you can click the 'Restore' option against the kiosk that you are wanting to reinstate. 

Granting Employee Access

Clicking on the 'Employee Access' tab within the Time and Attendance section will allow you to grant access to the kiosk for employees. This will enable employees to clock onto any Kiosk on the Clock Me In time and attendance app. 

Simply select the employees to enable and click ‘Grant Access’. This is also how you would Revoke Access for an employee: 


This can also be done from the employee's record > time and attendance page:


Once access is enabled for an employee, they will receive an email with their Employee ID and PIN code.  NOTE: The PIN number supplied in the email is temporary. The employee will be asked to change it the first time they clock on.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a native 'App' to install on my iPad?

Yes, Clock Me In can be installed from the App Store. Once installed, click the ‘Log In’ button and enter your email/password. It is also possible to add the Kiosk to the home screen on an iPad. Once the kiosk is launched, click the arrow up button in the button bar and then click ‘Add to Home Screen’

NB: Clock me in is only available on iPads.

2. What happens when an employee completes their shift?

Once an employee finishes their shift and they 'Clock Off', a timesheet will be created. These timesheets can then be approved by managers/supervisors through the normal timesheet approval process.

3. How does the 'Location' setting work when setting up a kiosk?

The location that you select as the kiosk 'location' will impact what the employee is able to select when clocking in. For example, if you have the following location set up (on your 'Payroll settings' > 'Locations' page) that consists of a 'Top' location, and multiple sub-locations under that:

- [Top location]
  - Packing
  - Picking Line
  - Warehouse

If you set up a kiosk and assign it to the ‘Packing’ location (which is a sub-location), employees will only be able to choose that location (it actually appears as that location by default when clocking in). If there was a sub-location of the ‘Packing’ location then the employee may then also be able to choose that sub location if (a) the restricted location setting wasn’t ticked in the kiosk setting and; (b) the employee had access to the sub location.

If on the other hand the kiosk location is assigned to ‘[Top location]’ then when the employee clocks in, the location will default to the employee’s primary location  (so long as it is a sub location of ’[Top location]’. If the employee has access to multiple locations (that again are sub-locations) they can then select whatever other location.

If you do not want employees picking locations when clocking in, you need to set up the kiosk by assigning it to the location that should always be attached to the timesheet created for that employee.

Alternatively, if you do want the employees picking the locations then you are better off to create 1 kiosk and use the parent location as the assigned location for that kiosk. That’ll then allow employees to select from whatever locations (which are sub location of the parent location) they have access to.

4. Using a time and attendance kiosk on a PC or tablet

Using a Time & Attendance Kiosk via URL link on a tablet or PC has been deprecated and is subject to minimal support. We highly recommend that you use the Clock Me In app (for Apple iPad devices), which you can download from the app store.  If you insist on using the kiosk on a PC (until it's disappears altogether) then once the kiosk is set up you'll 'launch' the kiosk by clicking the 'Copy Kiosk Link' button... 

... paste this link to open the kiosk on the tablet or PC that you want to run the kiosk on.


If you have any questions or feedback please let us know via support@yourpayroll.co.uk

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