Auto Enroling your employees in a pension scheme


When setting up a new employee, you will need to assess their pension eligibility. This is easily done using the automated enrolment assessment feature.

You can set an employee up for auto enrolment by following these steps:

  • Set up a new employee and under 'Pension Settings' you will be asked "How do you want to assess this employee for auto-enrolment?"

    If you want to auto assess this employee, simply select "Automatically'

  • Once you have done this, the employee's assessment status will be set to "not assessed" and when they're processed in their first pay run, the auto assessment process will run and their assessment status will be updated automatically.

  • Once the pay run is finalised, for employees that have been assessed all required notifications will be sent to employees. Notifications will be sent for:
    • Eligible job holders
    • Non-eligible job holders
    • Entitled Workers

  • Once an employee has been assessed and enrolled in the pension scheme, their information will be updated with their new pension status and the assessment date.

  • If an employee is assessed as being a non-eligible or entitled worker during their first pay period, they will continue to be assessed in subsequent pay runs and / or on their birthday to ensure they're auto enrolment status is up to date

  • If the employee is assessed as being an eligible jobholder, pension contributions will automatically be added to their pay run. You don't need to set anything else up

  • If the employee is assessed as being an eligible jobholder, they will automatically be enrolled in the pension scheme that best matches their pay schedule.

If you don't want to publish auto-enrolment notifications as part of the pay run OR you want to manually generate them, you can do this at any time by going into the employee file - > "HMRC documents" and viewing them under the "Auto-enrolment" section

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