Reporting pension payments with pensionsync


To simplify the process of reporting and paying pensions, we've built a complete integration with pensionsync.

Using pensionsync means that you can automate the pension reporting process and eliminate the need for manually exporting pension information using spreadsheets or csv exports. 

Pensionsync is available for use with the following pensionschemes:

  • NEST
  • Aviva
  • The people's pension
  • Legal and general
  • Standard life
  • Smart pension

If you're using any of these pension schemes, you can get started using our pensionsync integration by following these simple steps:

  1. Connect your business to pensionsync
  2. Enrol your employees in a pension scheme
  3. Submit your pension payments when finalising your pay run

Using pensionsync will streamline your pension reporting and help ensure pension reporting compliance.

Note: pensionsync processing incurs a fee of 10p per employee per payrun.

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