Pension Scheme Setup


To process workplace pension files within your payroll, you first need to setup a pension scheme for your business.

There are two ways to setup a pension scheme for your business file:

  1. Using the PensionSync integration
  2. Manually setting up a pension scheme

Using the PensionSync Integration

If you'd like to automate your pension reporting, you can use the inbuilt PensionSync integration. You can do this by following these steps:

Please note, these steps are for businesses that do not currently use PensionSync through their payroll provider. If you already use PensionSync, please contact for assistance in setting up your account

  1. From your business dashboard go to "Payroll Settings" -> "Pension Settings"

  2. Click the "Add pension scheme via PensionSync" button

  3. Click "Connect to PensionSync" button

    This will connect your business file to PensionSync

  4. Once your business file is connected to pensionsync you can launch the "Scheme Management Tool" (SMT) which you can use to manage all your pensionsync interactions.

    Because you're setting up a new pensionsync account, you'll need to click the "Open Scheme Management Tool" button

  5. Once you've opened the scheme management tool, you'll need to create a pensionsync account by providing the following details:

     - Company name
     - Logo (optional)
     - Phone number
     - Email address

    If you already have a pension scheme, proceed to step 6. If you don't have a pension scheme, you can create one from within pensionsync

  6. Once you've setup your PensionSync account, you're now ready to import your pension scheme details into your business. You can do this by clicking on the "Import from pensionsync" button

  7. You will now need to enter
     - your pension provider
     - your employer ID.

    If you do not know your employer ID you will need to contact your pension provider:

    Once you have entered these details click "Link Scheme"

  8. You will now need to authorise your pension scheme to be used with pensionsync. To do this, click the button to "launch the pensionsync Authorization Gateway"

  9. Once you've authorized the pensionsync gateway, your pension scheme information will be imported into your business file and you'll be able to start processing pensions payments for that employee

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