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BACS is an electronic system used to make payments directly from one bank account to another. The main two types of payment are Direct Debit and BACS Direct Credit, the payments can take up to 3 working days to clear.

 Setting up your BACS

 From the “Payroll Settings” menu, select “BACS Settings”.




Click “Add” to create a new set of BACS settings for your business, you will see a screen like the one pictured below. You are able to setup multiple bank accounts to pay employees from, but you only need to setup one account.


What are each of the BACS settings for?

File Format is either standard BACS format or bank specific.

Sort Code is the sort code of the account that the payments will be made from.

Account Number is the account number of the account that payroll payments will be made from.

The Account Name is the name of the account that the payment will be made from.

Lodgement Reference is the description of the payroll payment that will appear on the employee’s bank statement. e.g. “Payroll” or “Weekly wages”.

Service User Number (SUN) is needed to process bank file payments.                      

Once you have filled in the BACS details, click “Save” and you will now be able to generate BACS files from within your pay runs.

Generating BACS files:

You can generate BACS files using the following steps:

After you have finalised a pay run, click the “Download BACS” button from the pay run actions bar.

If you only have one set of BACS, setting your BACS file will download automatically.

If you have multiple BACS settings, you will be asked to select which BACS settings to use.

Once you’ve selected the correct BACS settings, click “Generate BACS”.

We will remember which BACS settings you last used to generate your BACS file and will automatically select it for next time.

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