Checking Failed Emails using the Mail Log


If an employee notifies you that they have not received an email (Pay slips, Payment Summaries etc) you are now able to check the "Mail Log" for any emails that have bounced or dropped. Once these are confirmed, you are also able to unblock them from within the business settings. 

To access the Mail Log, go to Payroll Settings -> Mail Log:


The results are limited to data received on or after 18/8/16 - not before. You are able to filter the results in a number of ways:

  • Date Range - On or after 18/8/16
  • Email Address - Allows you search for a specific address
  • Template - The type of email E.G pay slip, scheduled shift etc

If there are any bounced/dropped emails they will appear below with the reason and a tick box next to it. If you tick this box you will be able to unblock it in order to re-send once corrections have been made.

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