Adding an Expense Request in the Employee Portal


Once employees have been given access to create Expense Requests in the Employee Portal, they are able to create single and multiple line expense requests by logging in and clicking the 'Expenses' menu item.


From here, they will be prompted to enter the expense details such as:

  • Description
  • Option to add an attachment
  • Date Incurred
  • Expense Category
  • Notes
  • Amount
  • Tax Code
  • Location
  • Option to add another expense line item


Once the employee saves the request by clicking the 'Create' button, an email will be sent to them confirming the request, along with an email to any linked managers notifying them of the request so that it can be approved or declined.

Adding Multiple Expense Lines

If you travel for work or like to submit monthly expense reports, it’s handy to be able to submit a single expense claim with multiple line items. This means that only a single expense claim needs to be submitted and approved so that employees and managers can simplify the expense claim process. You can also attach multiple documents to a single expense claim so you can keep all your receipts together in a single claim.

Simply click the 'Add another line item' option to add multiple expenses:


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