Setting up a Salaried Employee


Adding a new salaried employee is easy when you follow the steps in the wizard. Start by clicking on the 'Add Employee' button from the payroll dashboard:


Enter the required details but when you get to 'Employment details' you have the option to enter an annual salary instead of an hourly rate. 


Under 'Pay rate' click on the drop down box and select 'Per annum and type in the annual salary excluding decimal points and commas. You will also type in the amount of standard hours per week that the employee works. 



Note - an information box may appear to say the annual figure will display differently once the data is saved due to rate conversions. If you click on "more info" you will see a further explanation and a guide on how to change the settings if you would prefer this conversion not to happen. 

You would not have salaried employees using timesheets so when the employee has been created, go to their Employee file -> Pay Run Defaults and ensure that timesheets are set to 'Do not use timesheets' and the box that says 'Pay these earnings by default in a pay run' will be ticked. 

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