Employee Details Audit Report


The employee details audit report provides an audit log of changes made to employee profiles.

Report Parameters

  • Date Range - Filters based on set periods or custom dates
  • Pay Schedule - Filters all employees that have the specified pay schedule as their default pay schedule.
  • Employee Default Location - Filters all employees that have the specified location as their default location.
  • Employee - Show only the audit events for the specified employee
  • Section - Filters for 'sections' of the system i.e. Bank Accounts, Leave Allowances, Pay Rates. Select from a drop down list.


Audited Information

The following changes are audited:

  • Additional Earning Lines
  • Bank Accounts
  • Documents
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Employee Details
  • Employee Portal Access
  • Leave Allowances
  • Locations
  • Notes
  • Opening Balances
  • Pay Rates
  • Pay Run Defaults
  • Pay Run Inclusions
  • Pension Settings
  • Qualifications
  • Tax and NI details
  • Time and Attendance Kiosk Access
  • Unavailabilities
  • Work Types

Example Report Output

An example of the information that is output from the report is shown below:


  1. Apart from a 'Status: Incomplete' event, no audit changes are recorded for an employee until their set up is complete.
  2. The channel column indicates the source of the change. The current channels are:
    • Web: changes made inside the web application
    • ESS: changes made by employees via the self-service portal
    • API: changes made using the API
    • Clock Me In: changes made by the Clock Me In iPad app
    • FileImport: changes made by, for example, an employee import CSV file

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know via support@yourpayroll.co.uk


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