Assigning NetSuite Locations, Departments and Classes to Payroll Locations


When generating a GL transaction line, you can assign NetSuite locations, departments and Classes to your payroll locations. Once assigned, the class, location and department will be exported to any earnings lines, super expenses and PAYG expenses that are assigned to that location.

To map locations, classes and departments, follow these steps:

  1. First, make sure you have connected your payroll file to your NetSuite file and have configured your locations, classes and departments in NetSuite
  2. Click on the "Business" -> "Payroll Settings" menu and navigate to "Locations"
  3. Click on the Locations that you wish to assign the department, location or class to
  4. From the location dialog, you can then then select the NetSuite class, location or department from the corresponding drop downs

  5. Click Save and your NetSuite classes, locations and departments will be assigned to the payroll location.

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