Connecting to Netsuite

  1. From the 'Business' menu, select 'Payroll Settings' and then select 'Journals':


  2. From the journals screen, click the "Journal Services" button and then click "Netsuite"

  3. From here you need to enter the following details:

    Netsuite Account Id
    Role Id

    If you're unsure of the role Id, the most common role ids are:

    3 - Administrator
    18 - Full Access

  4. Once you've finished entering the details, click "Enable" and your payroll file will be connected to your NetSuite file

  5. After the connection is established, you'll be able to select a Subsidiary and whether or not you want to post the journals as approved or not

You have now connected your payroll file to NetSuite. 

The next step is to import your chart of accounts 


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