Qualifications - Create/Delete


Within the Qualification feature you are able to create and monitor an employee's qualifications. Qualifications are important so an employer can have knowledge of an employee's qualification/s to be able to allocate an employee to a particular task/s that he/she are qualified to do. The qualification feature also monitors when a qualification is due for renewal, becomes invalid or expires.

To create a qualification go to 'Payroll Settings' -> 'Qualifications':


Then select the green "Add" button and type in the Qualification name before pressing the blue "Save" button


If you no longer require a qualification on the system you are able to delete it as long as there are no employees currently linked to it. To find out which employees are linked to qualifications there is an Employee Qualifications Report that will give you this information. 

To delete a qualification simply hover over it and click on the red cross button as shown below:


The business dashboard will warn you of any qualifications that are expiring within the next 7 days.

For information on how to allocate qualifications to an employee see below:

 Allocate Qualification to Employee


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