Adding Additional Earnings Line/s


To add additional lines to an employees earnings within a pay run is quite simple.  By following these steps you will be able to add a line/s or delete;

  1. Create a Pay Run

  2. Select the employee/s who's pay you want to add an earnings line to.

  3. When the employees earnings details have opened, select the action button in the bottom right corner.


  4. Then select Add Earnings.


  5. This will create another earnings line under the Earnings heading. 


  6. Select the pay category you want to add to the employee's earnings. 


  7. You now need to fill in the hours box according to what is being paid.  E.g. 1 hour, .5 hour etc.

  8. After completing the line press the green save button, next to the action button, at the bottom right of the screen.

  9. If you want to delete this line simply place your cursor on the line.  A red circle with a red cross inside the circle will appear at the end of the line on the right.  Simply press this button and a warning screen will appear at the top of the screen confirming if you want to delete.

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