Timesheets - Deleting


In order to delete a timesheet you need to go to the 'Manage Employees' menu, then 'Timesheets':

 You can delete time sheets with the following in mind:

  • In order to be able to delete a timesheet, it must be in the 'Submitted' state.  

  • When a timesheet is in a 'Submitted' state, you can delete it on either the 'Create Timesheets' or the 'Approve Timesheets' page.


On the timesheet entry page, navigate to the week containing the timesheet, select the timesheet to delete, and click the red button on the right side of the grid" 

Be sure to click 'Save' once you've finished modifying/deleting timesheets.


If a timesheet has already been approved or rejected, you must undo this process in order to delete it. To do this go to 'Approve Timesheets' section

The "Approve Timesheets" screen will by default show only those timesheets that have been submitted but not approved (or rejected). In order to show these timesheets, you need to click on the "Status" drop down and select then "Any" option. Now you will see processed, approved and rejected timesheets. 



If you've already approved or rejected the timesheet you want to delete, select the relevant timesheet and click the undo button - this will revert the selected timesheet to its previous "submitted" state and then offer you the option to Delete it...


You can also click on the small pencil icon at the far right end of the timesheet line which will display the inline approval screen editor.

From with in the inline editor, you can click the 'Delete' link to remove the timesheet:


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