Work Types - for Use in Timesheets


Work Types are used when entering timesheets and can be used as an input when creating pay conditions.

On this page, you can create new work types and map them to Pay Categories or Leave Categories. 

To get to the Work Types page click on the Payroll Settings tab on the payroll dashboard. Then select 'Work Types' under the 'Pay Conditions' heading:


Click the 'Add' button on the far right hand corner:

This action will open the following fields:

  • Name - of the work type (required)
  • External ID
  • Automatically enabled for: (type of employees)
  • Work Maps to:
    • Employee's Primary Pay Category
    • Pay Category (drop down with various options)
    • Leave Category (drop down with various options)
    • None (Shift condition)
  • Apply to pay run as leave accrual - When this setting is enabled, timesheets entered using this work type will accrue leave rather than take leave.

The next step is to configure which work types are available for which employees. Within the employee record, click on ‘Work Types’ under the Pay Run Settings heading...


When an employee submits their timesheets via the self-service portal (or when a manager submits timesheets on behalf of an employee), this will be the set of work types that are available to be selected.


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