Timesheet Rounding


The settings for Timesheet rounding can be accessed and updated by clicking on the 'Payroll Settings' tab on the payroll dashboard, the 'Timesheet Roundings' page is under the 'Pay Conditions' heading:


This screen allows you to set up the rounding rules to be applied to any timehseet data entered into the system. The two main fields include:

  1. Shifts - Start Time and End Time
  2. Breaks - Start Time and End Time

Both fields have identical drop down boxes that consist of the following options:

  • Don't Round
  • Round Up
  • Round Down
  • Round to the Nearest

Round to the Nearest

If you use the "Round to the Nearest" option the following examples shows how the system will behave when certain times are recorded;

"Round to the Nearest" 10 minutes has been selected for this example;

Clock on time          Effective Start Time

8:52                      8:50 (rounded down)

8:58                      9:00 (rounded up)

9:02                      9:00 (rounded down)

9:09                      9:10 (rounded up)

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