Subscription Menu - Credit Card and Plan Options


Direct debit to a valid Visa or Mastercard are the only payment options available for KeyPay payroll.

To add, view, edit or update your billing details by following these steps.

Go to the business "Payroll Settings" tab and select "Subscription" from the list under the Business Management heading:


If you've already entered your card details you can check what's been entered.

To add new credit card details click the "Enter Payment Information" button


 You will then be prompted to enter your billing details, the usual credit card details are required...


You can change any aspect of your subscription:

  1. To change credit card details click on "change billing details"
  2. To change the email address you want your invoices sent to on the 1st of each month click on "change this" next to the existing email address 
  3. To change the plan you are using (there are only two options, Standard and Plus) click on "change" link alongside the Plan selection


Note: If our payment debit attempts fail your saved credit card information may be removed (credit card companies do this for security reasons).  If this happens we'll let you know in an Action Message on your payroll dashboard and you will be required to re-enter them.


Changing Plans (KeyPay Plus or KeyPay Standard)

If you're considering changing your plan type - click the "view other plans" hyperlink below your current selected plan.  You will be presented with a screen (see below), simply select the plan that you require.  For more information on the plan features please refer to the KeyPay website and select the "Pricing" option from the top menu. 


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