Pay Categories Report


Pay category reports show the pay category breakdown for employee payments over a given date range. 

The pay category reports are available from the “Reports” home page under the “Payroll Reports” section.


The Pay Categories Report screen requires the following details:

  • Date range (chosen by clicking on the calendar icon)

  • Pay Schedules - Includes all pay schedules, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, and any other custom schedules that have been set up.

  • Locations - Options include all locations, or specific locations that have been set up already. 

  • Employee - All or specific employee

  • Pay Category - E.g. All, casual, full-time etc
  • Group by - Employee or Pay Category
  • Employing Entity

Within this table it segments each different pay category into scheduled pay runs (whether its weekly, fortnightly etc). 

If you expand each pay run (or click "Expand All"), you will see the breakdown of each employee in that pay category. 

The report results when broken down will have the following columns:
  • Pay Category
  • Units
  • Rate
  • Gross Earnings

As with all other payroll reports, you are able to export these as CSV, Excel or PDF.

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